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Friday, 2 February, 2007

Ack, WordPress is great but its default-installed anti-spam Plugin, Akismet, is giving me troubles instead of helping me. The required API Key -received along with the account registration- is rejected by the Akismet configuration panel. It keeps saying:
«The key you entered is invalid. Please double-check it.»

The support kindly replied as follows:

The error message is because Akismet cannot access the Akismet server. The problem is one of three things [four actually]:
- either Akismet is being denied access to the internet if you are hosted locally behind a firewall, or
- the server you are on lacks the ‘fopen’ function which Akismet needs.
- your host might need to know that the default-installed SELinux security precautions (on Fedora4) causes this problem. With SELinux disabled, it works.
- ask your host if they mod_chroot enabled. If they do, that is what has caused Akismet not to work. They will be able to advise on what they can do for you.
Do talk to your host and see if there is anyway they can help.

I contacted my hosting support but they excluded all cases (i was sure about the first two but I ignored the rest).

Some say -at the support forums- that Akismet need a 24-48 patience period, let’s wait another day… then i’ll choose between Spam Karma 2 or Bad Behavior, other comment spam fighting plugins.

What about your Akismet activation? All smooth?

2 Responses to “First post, first troubles”

  1. Heracleum Says:

    Try to leave an html message google link

  2. Heracleum Says:

    Leave some html google link
    and alert(’hello’);

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