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Tuesday, 14 August, 2007

Uhoh… in one of my early posts I think I wrote something like “I hacked heavily Gengo” but I obviously meant that I modified the Gengo Plugin to fulfill my multilanguage needs.

Yes, but someone else did actually the same to the Gengo site itself… and “heavily” too!
A couple of weeks ago I visited Stoatware ( to look for a plugin update but the homepage was errored even if the forums kept working.

Now, the whole site is completely craked / hacked! Homepage, plugin page and forums.
Apparently the visit results in a blank page… but if you view the page source you can easily notice a huge amount of spam links, cloaked by an invisible (display:none) html tag.

In his other multilanguage site it’s all calm (too much?) and there is apparently no reaction, no news.

I (we?) hope the site can regain its “freedom” soon.

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