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Thursday, 24 January, 2008

Original mistery figure on MarsYou’ve probably already read about the “mystery figure” spotted on one of the panoramic snapshots by NASA’s Spirit Mars Rover.

Here, on the right, you can see the original shot. It looks like the statue of a woman, sit on a rock and it seems to me very similar to the Copenhagen Little Mermaid statue at Langelinie Pier.

In my opinion:

if the Rover would have stopped a few meters further, that in the direction (on the left of the panoramic) of the mystery-shaped rock it means a little bit sidewards, we should see now at something like this:
Shifted mistery figure on Mars

do you see anything mysterious here?

It’s a shame my limited knowledge of the English language prevents me to fully detail the explanation. By the way I guess the image itself explains what it should be: simply a sharp piece of stratified slab of rock lies down the slope (notice the same colour of the horizontal ones where it has been detached) then simply a shaded rock and a shadow in the background (notice the brown colour of both different from the other stratified rocks).

Here is a wider shot to see how there’s nothing strange from this point of view, no mystery figure, no statue, no martian woman.

Shifted mistery figure on Mars overview

2 Responses to “Life on Mars: mystery figure”

  1. Dewi Widosari Says:

    So Hera, do you think the which one is the first one? This life or David Bowie’s?

  2. jroc Says:

    yo turn ur head right u stupid shits whoever put this up is a dumass 4 not turning the angle 2 now i c a statue (or alien) with its head cut off

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