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Sei interessato alla pronuncia di parole in una lingua o hai dubbi sulla dizione in italiano? Seleziona la lingua d'interesse nella lista a discesa, scrivi il termine nella casella ed esegui la ricerca! Puoi usare un semplice tasto 'Invio' da dentro la casella oppure cliccare sulla scritta di fianco 'Cerca e ascolta'. Otterrai più risultati assieme: sul lato destro la pronuncia, sulla sinistra immagini riguardanti la parola e termini simili. Il tutto per capire cos'è la parola, com'è fatto l'oggetto, che volto ha il nome del personaggio, oppure informazioni varie su luoghi, prodotti o qualsiasi altra cosa. Per ogni pronuncia vedi il bottone 'play' per ascoltare l'audioclip registrato da persone reali (utenti di Forvo, voci sia maschili che femminili, da tutto il mondo), la lingua della parola e la nazione dell'utente.
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Pronuncia di idioms

Termini recenti nella categoria idioms (100):

starting to get under my skin seven-year itch beginning of the end got what it takes seldom if ever with flying colours where there’s a will, there’s a way worse for wear kiss and tell when push comes to shove all time low over my dead body in so far as better safe than sorry ship of the line wandering eye all the rage long arm of the law two of a kind once and for all running on fumes man of note pigs in a blanket apple of one's eye off the beaten track on the scrounge touch wood! been there, done that pure as the driven snow short end of the stick tied up in knots live the life of Riley fit of the giggles if you can't beat 'em, join 'em grin and bear it hole-in-one cut a long story short drop in the bucket stick it up your ass shoulda coulda woulda same old, same old dog and pony show plead guilty stick your neck out keep at arm's length roar with laughter come over all tearful cry one's eyes out dead in the water doom and gloom within your means word of warning turn a blind eye ace up your sleeve take a hard line on the up and up beat a hasty retreat waste not, want not pretty please can't say boo to a goose make up one's mind on all fours from the horse's mouth give or take walk of life pay peanuts get monkeys first come first served straight as a die down the tubes up a gum tree no pain no gain bee in your bonnet all for the best turn on the heat all of a sudden bats in the belfry scream the place down as pleased as punch chip off the old block as sure as eggs is eggs long in the tooth devil take the hindmost gift of the gab make a beeline right up your alley tear off a strip get off someone's back tip of the iceberg thing of the past take a leaf out of somebody's book bite my head off boot is on the other foot fast on the draw wolf in sheep's clothing have a field day put through the hoops head in the sand faster than a New York minute add insult to injury from pillar to post

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Pronuncia di idioms


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